Evolution Xpress

Evolution Express

Fully magnetic, with silver anodised aluminium frame and saffron components, Evolution Xpress is stylish and very simple to use.


All of our graphics are printed to the very highest standard onto the
finest light stop material regardless of whether it is a budget system
or a high end system. This offers the maximum colour gamut possible
and gives ultra sharp, saturated images.
In addition the Ultra high resolution Alumina coating enhances the
lay-flat characteristics of the film. This is particularly relevant where
banner displays are exposed to extreme variations of humidity, often
found in both trade show and retail environment.


  • Full Colour Graphics
  • Self-locating hanging system with magnetic hangers make it the simplest pop-up to assemble
  • Self-locating 'smart' magnetic locking arms and low profile mag bars
  • Quality anodised aluminium finish
  • Option for graphics to be displayed on both sides
  • All front curve / D-end panels are the same size
  • D-end graphic panels also fit the Xpress Tower
  • Available in a combination of quads from 1 x 1 desktop to 5 x 5 freestanding exhibition display
  • Graphic kit includes frame, mag bars, hangers and kickers (for one sided graphic only)