Evolution Tower

Evolution Tower

An exciting pop-up tower that is simplicity itself to assemble and provides maximum impact to any display


All of our graphics are printed to the very highest standard onto the
finest light stop material regardless of whether it is a budget system
or a high end system. This offers the maximum colour gamut possible
and gives ultra sharp, saturated images.
In addition the Ultra high resolution Alumina coating enhances the
lay-flat characteristics of the film. This is particularly relevant where
banner displays are exposed to extreme variations of humidity, often
found in both trade show and retail environment.


  • Graphic kit includes frame, mag bars and hangers
  • Panel widths are the same as the D-end front curve of the Quick (673mm wide)
  • Available in 2,3,4 and 5 Quads High
  • Graphic Heights (mm): 2 Quad - 1495, 3 Quad -2225, 4 Quad -2968, 5 Quad - 3710
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Plum powdercoated finish
  • Overall diameter 640mm
  • Tower can be internally illuminated (full 360 degrees) using 9 x Powerspot 1200 lights